(4) No missing or broken parts.

(4) No missing or broken parts.

As fire door assemblies become damaged due to age or abuse, they are often repaired with inappropriate methods or neglected.  Products which are not intended for use on fire rated doors are sometimes used to replace the original listed/labeled components.  In some cases, fire door hardware is purposely disabled because it is inconvenient when the door operates as designed (here’s an example).

NFPA 80 states that if any components of a fire door assembly become damaged to the extent that the emergency function could be impaired, the opening must be repaired with parts from the original manufacturer or replaced.  The opening must then be tested.  If any components are omitted (disabled or removed), the assembly rating is void.  The repair of any deficiencies must be completed “without delay.”

Here are just a few photos of damaged hardware (click photo to enlarge):

Missing Latchbolt "Homemade" Magnetic Holder Extension Missing Strike Missing Fusible Link (Door had wood wedge.)
Hinge Pin Replaced With Screwdriver Door Damaged by Vandalism Bent Bottom Rod Offset Strike

NFPA 80 2007 – 5.2.15 (repair), 5.2.9 (without delay), A3.3.52 (rating void)
NFPA 80 2010 – 5.2.15 (repair), 5.2.9 (without delay), A3.3.49 (rating void)

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