(1) No holes or breaks in door or frame.

(1) No holes or breaks in door or frame.

Holes in Fire DoorHoles in fire doors and frames are often left by the removal of hardware, or because a replacement component requires a different screw-hole pattern from the original.  These holes must be repaired by installing steel fasteners which completely fill the holes, or by filling the holes with the same material as the door or frame.

Common repair techniques include filling the holes with steel screws and thru-bolts, or welding a steel plate over the holes.  Body filler (Bondo) is not an acceptable means of filling holes in a fire door assembly unless it has been tested and approved for this purpose.  At this time I’m not aware of a filler-type product which has been tested for use in repairing fire doors or frames.

Source: NFPA 80 2007, 2010 –

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